Find out more about Bare Bronze Studio

Bare Bronze Studio is a contactless tanning salon that will be open 24/7 for our members.

Our studio is accessible via a swipe pass and of course for non-members we are staffed during the day as well.

We have state of the art US based Versa Spa PRO booths in your own private room ready to get you bronzed in a matter of minutes.

Our booths have 3 colours each with 3 colour depths to choose from: light, medium and dark. One of the colours goes on clear (no more stains on everything. Love it!) and even a primer option that goes on before your tan to make sure your tan looks better for longer.

Bare Bronze Studio is located at 9a Shuter Street, Moonee Ponds Victoria 3039, Australia.

The search for the right spot certainly took time. We really wanted the location to feel safe, be well-lit and of course have heaps of parking right at the door. We hate walking to the car after a spray tan so we really wanted to make sure parking was close by.

It had to be an inviting space that still had private rooms for the booths. Our fitout has security cameras in the open spaces and is staffed during the day. After hours it is only accessible by members with a swipe pass or a code (in case you forget your swipe) and our member app allows you to book your session so you are sure you will be in and out minutes.

The concept of Bare Bronze Studio is about being able to get sprayed when you want, in a private yet safe way without any judgement. In the past, many of Ally's friends didn't get sprayed often because of the awkward feeling from existing spray tan solutions, and the COVID situation only amplified the need for a contactless solution.
Ally loved the idea of being bronze all year round, but didn't have the time during the day with 3 kids and hated the cold spray feeling during winter. Her search for the perfect booth needed to have warm jets and a safe location which allowed it to be accessible 24/7.

The booths contain the latest and most amazing technology from VersaSpa PRO in the US. They sense your height to make sure in a matter of minutes you are on the way to being perfectly bronzed.

The jets are warm (that’s right... no more goose bumps!). The process has you stand in 4 different positions and there is a guide in each tanning room to make sure you get your positions right. You are completely dry when it is done, and the booth self-cleans to be sure it's fresh every time you step in.

It was really important to Ally to have a wide range of shades. The 3 colours we have are Venetian, Malibu and Clear. All solutions are from naturally derived organic ingredients. They are marine algae based, vegan and cruelty free. No SLS, and paraben free, of course!

The natural ingredients are designed to rejuvenate, detoxify, firm and hydrate your skin.

Ally's personal favourite is the Clear, which goes on clear and lets you shower without problems in less than 4 hours! She loves that it smells great and doesn’t stain her sheets.

Our membership is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment that gives you access to the studio 24/7 via a code or swipe pass. No lock in periods... just a more cost-effective way to be bronze all year round.

Membership with Bare Bronze Studio is only $29.95 per week.

Casual spray tans are $40 (without primer) and $50 (with primer).

Our members get a great bag when they join, with a custom spray tan dress and water bottle. We even give you a free session to pass to a friend to try the difference.

In our rooms, we have the following which you can feel free to use:

  • Barrier cream,
  • Disposable hair nets and g-strings,
  • Sticky feet (these are disposable).

Please do not place barrier cream to the soles of your feet.

You definitely can! However, please avoid swimming until 24 hours after your spray tan, so that it is fully developed.