Tanning guide

Before you enter the spray tan booth

spray tan remove jewellery

Step 1

Get undressed and remove your jewellery.

spray tan put on cap

Step 2

Put on haircap, leave ears and hairline exposed.

Apply blending cream for spray tan

Step 3

Apply blending cream to hands, including nails.

Sticky feet

Step 4

Apply blending cream to feet, including nails. Do not apply to bottom of feet. Help yourself to sticky feet.

Items are optional and available for your convenience. 

These are our recommended steps to achieve a beautiful contactless spray tan in Melbourne.

Select your spray tan

Decide on your contactless spray tan from the menu on the booth. Choose your tan then enter the number into the black selector box below the LCD screen. 

Don’t worry! The machine will activate but not start until you are ready!

Once you enter the spray tan booth

Hold the green start button when you are ready to get your contactless spray tan!

Audio instructions will walk you through 4 easy poses.

Spray tan step 1

Step 1

Spray tan step 2

Step 2

Spray tan step 3

Step 3

Spray tan step 4

Step 4

After your spray tan

Remove blending cream using our water based wipes.

Wait 4-6 hours before getting wet, like working out or showering.

Keep your skin moisturised for a longer lasting spray tan.